Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sway's Konrad Chairs & Shelves w/ Text Emoticon Pillows from Geeks n' Nerds Event Oct 17th to Nov. 1st

    Hello everyone, smiles. I am not sure if you've had time to check out these fun items from Sway. I love the Autumn colors and she also recently released a Gacha for Geeks n' Nerds Event with these cute emoticon pillows. They come white but can be tinted any color, and there are 8 of them, six common and the 2 rares are shown here. The shelf is shown with a wall, but there is also a version without one.

Sway's: [Text Emoticon] Pillows  - * RARE - 1 Li
Sway's: [Text Emoticon] Pillows  - <3 RARE - Li
Sway's: [Konrad] Shelf with back wall filled - 7 Li
Sway's: [Konrad] Chair . dark - 1 Li
Sway's: [Konrad] Chair . light - 1 Li
Sway's: [Boo] Scarecrow - 6 Li
Botanica: BG Sumac Shrubs - 2 LI
LAQ Decor: Lantern String Lights (Colored) - 1 Li
Lok's: Rug Nature Squiggle - 1 Li
Redgrave Homes: Luton Manor (v1.0) 

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