Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Peony Gardening Shed and Table at The Home Show

     I was looking outside and decided to go and enjoy my garden. I like puttering around and see what I can find in Second Life. Luckily I didn't have to go far to find Sway's new Peony Garden Shed. You can look inside and see I have what I need. There are empty potted plants, gloves and a pair of pretty pink boots. There is also a hose to water my plants, as well as some potting soil and a shovel to help spread it evenly around. The doors can be open or closed. These items come linked and partially linked, as well as individually for your convenience.

 I walk over to my new gardening table that comes stocked as well. My gloves keep my slink nails nice, and there is a trowel to start planting some beautiful red tulips to give to friends and family to celebrate spring. It comes with all the gardening utensils you would ever need to coax your garden into a blooming success. The items are available as a complete set with shed, table and utensils. Also available as Garden Shed with utensils and Gardening Table with utensils.

You will be able to find Sway's Peony Gardening Shed and Gardening Table at The Home Show.


  1. Yay for keeping Slink nails nice! :D Lovely post. Thank you

  2. Thanks, Sway! My whole SL family was like yep...this is right up your alley!