Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Who Stole The Sky by Theda Tammas @ Lea 6

     I had the privilege to check out a sim from Theda Tammas at the Lea 6 Sim in Second Life the other day. You walk in, and you're asked to turn on your media, make sure the region windlight settings are on, (add atmospheric shaders) relax and dance if you feel like it. There are three floors and don't forget to keep an eye out for the free gift.

      I enjoyed being able just to get pulled into the music and enjoy the visual feast of all the vibrant colors. This sim is more about stopping to enjoy the moment and explore how you feel about what the artist is trying to convey to you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

Please check out the pictures from my flickr album named, Who Stole the Sky.

The music you here from this sim is from:

Sainkho Namtchykak - Who Stole the Sky

Friday, August 5, 2016

Norah Boat Seat @ The Liaison Collaborative Now!

Sway's: Norah Boat Seat - In Oak, Pine and Ebony
You can find this at The Liaison Collaborative

This lovely boat seat comes with 20 Friends / Single animations for up to 2 avatars. There are also 12 Couple animation and five pillow texture options.

Mon Cheri: Vegas Bikini - Coral
Izzie's:  Midi Rings - gold - Slink
Just Designs: Sarah Jew Anklet
Xia's Boutique: Pearl Nose Stud 

alaskametro: Muse- eyeshadow 
alaskametro: Sheer Gloss - lipgloss 
Khamra - Dimples @ Applique - 1st Round  
La Boheme: Solids Chrome S4 Metals - nail polish
Omega System Solutions: Applier Relay
T'Ink: The Beach Life - Omega Tattoo
The Look: Mermaid Cove Tattoo Omega Applier Hud
Theskinnery: Omega Skin Applier for body, hands and feet

Fate: Mesh Lashes v.1
Ikon: Dew Eyes
kik: Adriana Mesh Hair - Auburn
Logo: Mesh Head - Annie
Slink: Hourglass Mesh Body, Deluxe Feet and Casual Hands

Props & Poses:
Cubic Cherry Kre-ations: Sparkling flower~ peach lamp 
DaD DESIGN: Double Roman Swimming Pool 
dust bunny: Beach towel tote - Chevron
Hayabusa Design: Field 2 of Grass and Flowers M4 v1-1 T1
Hayabusa Design: Magnolia Wada Geometry Curved HD-A M3 v1-2 T3G
HEART: Queen's Maiden Flowering Bush - Blue
HPMD: Rock 2014 - light/L2 
Fancy Decor: Magazine Stack 1
Erratic: aea - Plate of Desserts
Jian:  Asbury Side Table
Standby Inc.: Beach Radio - Coral (this is a Gacha)
What Next: Brighton Beach Towel 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sways: Torley Watermelon Floor Cushion & Pillows

         I am not sure if you got a chance to check out The Torley Watermelon - Floor Cushion and Pillows from Sway's but you can find them at her store! I loved being able to put them outside and enjoy the summery feel of them. The bright colors and low prim were an added plus with the floor cushion coming in at five Li and the pillows at one Li. The pillows have a wearable holding pose and also a decoration version. The floor cushion has 12 single animations and five couples for up to 2 avatars.

Sway's: Torley Watermelon - pillows - 1 Li
Sway's: Torley Watermelon - floor cushion - 5 li

BUENO: Denim Shorts - denim
BUENO: Tank Top- Coral
Izzie's:  Braid Bracelet - pink
REIGN: Pattern Amala wedges 
Yummy: Memory Locket - gold
Yummy: Flower Midi Rings - gold left-hand for slink
Xia's Boutique: Pearl Nose Stud 

alaskametro: Matte Mist- eyeshadow 
alaskametro: Sheer Gloss - lipgloss 
Hello Dave: Slink AvEnhance - French Gloss
Khamra - Dimples @ Applique - 1st Round  
Omega System Solutions: Applier Relay
Stardust - Laila Tattoo - Omega HUD color tattoo
Theskinnery: Omega Skin Applier for body, hands and feet.

Eliktara: Haley Hair - Now @ Hair Faire - Backlot East
Fate: Mesh Lashes v.1
Ikon: Dew Eyes
Logo: Mesh Head - Annie
Slink: Hourglass Mesh Body, Deluxe Feet and Casual Hands

Props & Poses:
dust bunny: Wanderlust - book planter (gacha item)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Check out PULSE Fundraiser Event - Going on NOW! June 28th to July 12th

                                                      PULSE Fundraiser

          Over 100 amazing designers have banded together to set up 
          a fundraiser to benefit the victims and victim's families of the 
          Pulse club shooting. Designers will be placing out new items, recolored 
          and discounted items and donating portions of their sales to the cause. 
          There is also a special Auction that you can participate in with many 
          fabulous prizes.

          If you'd like to donate but do not wish to purchase anything, you can 
          do so by visiting our sim and clicking on the donation board or you 
          can donate directly to the gofundme linked below.

          In partnership with Casper Warden and sim sponsored by Cerberus Xing.
          PULSE Flickr Group - Good Place to see what is being offered.

          All donations will go directly to PULSE Fundrasier GoFUNDme
          Equality Florida, the state's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender 
          (LGBT) civil rights organization.

         The event will officially open June 28th at 11am SLT and will close on 
         July 12th. 

         How the funds will be spent by Equality Florida:
         "Every penny raised will be distributed directly to the victims 
         and their families. We are working with a team of attorneys 
         and experts, including the National Center for Victims of Crime, which 
         deployed funds in both Chattanooga and Aurora, to ensure funds 
         are distributed correctly."

         Most of this information was taken directly from a notecard I 
         received about the event, I did add a couple personal notes as 
         I was able to get in ahead of time.


alaskametro: Tropika eyeshadow - Omega HUD @  PULSE Fundraiser Event NOW!
Bella Elephante:  Galaxy Slink Nails Omega Hud @  PULSE Fundraiser Event NOW!
Izzie's: Rainbow Glitter - Pulse Exclusive - Logo and Omega Hud @  PULSE Fundraiser Event NOW!
Omega System Solutions: Logo, Slink
Plastik: Spektrum Skin for Pulse - Logo and Omega Hud @  PULSE Fundraiser Event NOW!
theSkinnery: Kylie (Logo Alex Applier) Lipstick Palette 7

Izzie's: Spring Midi Rings - gold (Slink casual)
Just Because: Lona Skirt - Lace - Aqua - Hourglass
KC Couture: Yoshee Ribbon Boots - Hourglass 
Mon Cheri: Vegas Bikini - Top - Teal - Slink Hourglass
RealEvil Industries: LUX Eclat - Necklace and Bracelet

EMO-tions: JEZEBEL rigged mesh hair - red (hairband tinted)
FATE: Mesh Lashes v1.0
IKON: Odyssey Eyes - Tropics
Logo: Mesh Head - Annie
Mandala: Stekking Season 5 ears - A
Slink: Hourglass Mesh Body, Deluxe Feet and Casual Hands

Props and Poses:
Cole's Corner: Glamour Glitter - Shuffle (Spring Rainbow)
FATE: Eye Poser
Infiniti Poses: Peace & Love 
KugelBlitz Technologies: Photo Studio

Friday, May 13, 2016

Sway's - Hellen Porter Chair @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival Now

    I was able to go to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival recently and was able to pick up a lot of different odds and ends. While you are there, make sure to go check out Sway's new gacha chairs called, "Hellen Porter Chair." There are 13 to collect and three rares. 50 Linden a try and 5 Li! Good Luck!

Sway's: Hellen Porters Chair - garnet @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival NOW!

Logo: Mesh Head Alex
Mandala: Mesh Ears - Stekin Ears - Season 5 - vs a
Ikon: Promise - Dew
Slink: Mesh Hourglass Body
Slink: Deluxe Feet
Slink: Avenhance Hands 
Vanity Hair: Cake Bites - Red

alaskametro: Lipstain lipstick - omega hud
alaskametro: Muse  eyeshadow - omega hud
Carol G: Garter Gun Flowers tattoo - omega hud
Omega Appliers: Slink, Logo 
Sassy: Blossom Vine color tattoo - omega hud

TheSkinnery: Honey Skin Applier
TheSkinnery: Omega head Applier - Celine 
Zoz: Solid Spring 2014 - Slink Fingernail Hud - Cayenne

ByKay: Rosa Earring - Black - Not for sale anymore
Dollle: 124 Short Robe Sleepwear - Black for HG
Hucci: Vinnitsa Sandal - Midnight 
Izzie's: HS20 Spring Midi Rings - gold (Slink casual)
Pepper: Pearl Feather Necklace - Black - Not for sale anymore
Punch: Diamond Nose Stud 

Furniture & Props:
Lin's Art Gallery: bronze flower burst with shadow
Kalopsia: Marlowe's Cabinet - Brown @ The Liaison Collaborative - NOW!
Lok's: Potted Tropical Plant - Grouping A 
Lok's: Wooden Room Divider 
aisling: Hanging Pot -S- Style A

Poses or Scripted Items:
FATE: Eye Poser Hud v2.0

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Watercolor Fairy @ Breeze - Fantasy Faire Sim 2016

   I have truly enjoyed exploring the Fantasy Faire sims in Second Life. I was walking around the Breeze Sim today and checking out different shops. I put together an outfit from some wonderful items I received as a blogger for them this year. I wanted a more anime looking fairy this time, and so I choose to use a dress from LouLou, hair from Wasabi, jewelry from Zyn and some eyeshadow from Musa, which all can be found at the Fantasy Faire 2016. 

Fate: Eyelashes
Logo: Mesh Head Alex
Mandala: Mesh Ears - Stekin Ears - Season 5 - vs a
Poetic Colors: Summer Sky Eyes - Hayfield 
Slink: Mesh Hourglass Body
Slink: Deluxe Feet
Slink: Avenhance Hands 
Wasabi Pills: Kai Mesh Hair

alaskametro: Lipstain lipstick - Omega HUD
Omega Appliers: Slink, Logo, 
Metamorphoses: Heaven Color Tattoo
Musa: Fei Eyeshadow - On Golden Delta Sim @ FF 2016 Now!
TheSkinnery: Honey Skin Applier
TheSkinnery: Omega head Applier - Celine 

ColesCorner: Glamour Glitter - Shuffle (Spring Rainbow)
LOULOU&CO: Catania Dress - Galaxy - Slink Hourglass
Promagic: Anklet 3 (Slink High)- Black
Soul: Oree Wing 
Zyn: Subliminal Diadem
Zyn:  Fantasy Faire-y Hair Flower 2016
Zyn: Fantasy Faire-y  Necklace 2016

An lar poses: Incantation 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016 Quest Champion Emissaries

 Here you will find the two latest Fantasy Faire Quest Winners! If you have not had the chance to do the latest Quest for FF 2016 called,"The Fairelands Quest - "The Tale of Exiles." You are definitely in for a fun night. It starts out like this...

The blessed realm of Belfience was once an idyllic home to a multitude of peoples: Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Mer, and Dragons. All shared the beauty and bounty of the land, prospering together in peace and harmony.

But the Unweaver saw their joy, and hated it, and set about to destroy it utterly. (and yes he did so) 

     Your job will be an Emissary for the Bard Queen to help heal the wounds of the land, people, and fae creatures but in doing so, it also helps you to explore the fantastic Fantasy Faire 2016 builds of course!

1. Buy a Quest HUD -  which you can find at each landing point on every FF 2016 sim. One is 250L, and another is 350L. The only difference is the more expensive one gives you clothes so you can blend in more and be immersive. Here is a teleport to The Golden Delta sim.

2. Wear Items & Explore Game HUD - Wear (add) Hud and unpack it. You will need to wear only three things for the quest. The "attach me & attach me 2" item and the Game HUD. EXPLORE the hud! You can teleport, your quest is saved in middle part so it can be started and stopped at any time, so no having to remember where you were to proceed. The inventory stores all your items you've retrieved for the quest. (I made a folder within my Quest HUD folder to store Quest items)

3. Find the Bard Queen at the Fairelands Junction Once there click on her and it will bring up a dialogue. Answer it and a video will pop up, mine popped up but was black initially until I clicked the screen. 

4. HELP -  I found looking at the Fairelands Quest Hints & Tips page - The Tale of the Exiles a good source as well as, Prim Dolls, Quest Guide Helper.


  1) Once you touch your NPC - wait - things can be laggy. Especially if more than one person is there with you. It never hurts to click on them again if it doesn't work initially but the next time I suggest you right click and pick touch on the circle menu after 10 seconds on the second time. You can always double check by looking at your HUD to see where you are at with talking to the NPC.

2) On some parts of the Quest, you will need multiple items you've found. You won't lose them accidentally clicking on them. It will tell you once you are using them if you have any of it left to use. Have your local Chat window up while doing the Quest. The NPC Chat was hard to see color wise, so I hit Control + P and then Colors tab to select Object Im's color block - changed to an easier color then hit apply ok. Much easier after that!

3) When you are at the end of the Quest and have helped the Bard Queen, you will be pointed toward the rewards. Don't forget to click the locked chest for all your goods. Be forewarned you will be spammed with tons of items!