Thursday, November 10, 2016

Imagine Too! @ Lea 17 - The Monarchs

      I decided to go exploring today on the LEA Sims and ended up on Imagine Too. The dark orangish air gets to you as you land. I did opt to take some pictures like this one without the recommended windlight. If you see the pictures in an Orangish overcast that is the windlight, they chose for their story. You land on the sim, and you first spy a boat. You will be able to find all kind of pathways to choose from there.

     Now if you've not seen the dance troupe, The Monarch's you've been missing out. They are a very talented dance troupe in Second Life that has been nominated for the Avi Choice Awards in 2016, and they will be performing there as well. I, unfortunately, missed this performance but the Sim build is wonderful. I loved taking pictures all over the sim but especially all flora and fauna. You feel like it is a magical place and will get lost as you explore the Sim.

I did have the pleasure to see; The Monarch's perform at the 2016 Fantasy Faire called, "Adventures in the Lost Island." I have included a link so you can see how well the show is put together and just how fun it is to watch. I will add many more pictures on my Flickr site.

If you would like to keep informed of upcoming shows in Second Life for The Monarch's. Please click on this link Monarch's Kingdom Group .( secondlife:///app/group/78394fac-7aca-f36d-3e65-772df5692d01/about ) In case the link isn't working for you.

The rest of the pictures can be found on my Flick Album named, Imagine Too.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Sway's Belinda Bed and Fox Pillows

     I really loved using this bed to make a nice look for a bedroom. The single metal frame bed comes in PG and Adult. It has 12 single animations for 2 avatars on PG and 10 Couple and 10 Adult animations for the Adult version. The bed is 8 Li. The adorable Fox Pillows come in "rez me" and holding versions. You will find an orange, plaid green, plaid cream and plaid pink version.The pillows are 2 Li each.

Sway's: Belinda Bed - PG - 8 Li
Sway's: Fox Pillow - Orange (rez me) 2 Li

Aisling: Bric-a-Brac Desk - Paper Trash
Bazar: Love Nest Picture
Fancy Decor: Cut-Out Cuckoo Clock - Whitewash (rare gacha)
Half-Deer: Soiree Curtains - Cream Gold Dots
LAQ Decor: Secretary Desk
Maxi Gossamer: H&G - Shimmer Bead Curtains
R(S)W: Sketch Book Set - Soft White
Tarte: Boho Wall Art
Trompe Loeil: Ines Ottoman Nostalgia - Plum
Vespertine: Green Suitcase Books
Wild Hound Designs: Texture Change Rug - Woodland Set 1
YaYo: Wall Writings - Family

Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Fantasy Super Hero Costume - POLARIS

     In SecondLife, I really love making Fantasy Characters. This time I choose to use Polaris in my picture. I really love how the different particle effects help make this picture come alive. I have a local Sparkle Supplier. If you haven't been to Cole's Corner ....Now is the time to go, ok honestly...anytime is. She is just a wonderful person in general who makes good sparkly stuff! I ended up having a harder time finding a good lightening effect in the game but finally found a particle aura in an Avatar Kit I could pull out. I had the ratty car already from playing Demo Derby in game so all in all I think the picture turned out the way I wanted it too. I hope you enjoy it as well, smiles.

Asteria: Bat Mask (tinted)
Chic & Shoes: C & S Manhattan Boots - Green
Feliz: Lower Arm Guards 02 (tinted)

Atelier Pepe: Daisy - Universal - Light
Omega Systems: Omega System Kit - Catwa & Slink
SlackGirl: FluFlu Shadow For CATWA Heads
The Olivieri: (SO) Mama Maio - Green

Adored Bodyshop:  Siren Eyes - Beachgrass - Mesh
Catwa: Sarah Mesh Head
Exile: Windsong Wild Fusion (tinted)
Slink: Hourglass, AvEnhance Hands & Feet

Props & Poses
The Arcanum Magic Shop: Wishmaster 2 Hud
Cole’s Corner: Cosmic Consciousness
Cole’s Corner: Infinite Halo - Teal Gold
Cole’s Corner: Wicked Witch FX Kit - Right & Left Hands
Felis Void Works: Tech Orb Pack - Green/Black
Rustica: Seamless Photography Backdrop Set - Free Gift at Store
NaTaS: E.Volts from Complete Energy Female Avatar
YuNi: Racers Island DD Car (1.7)
Made my own pose: Super Hero Action - 1

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Scarecrow - Scary and Spooky @ Sway's Main Store Now!

      I was decorating for Autumn today and decided to hang out with my two newest finds from Sway's - My new buddies are called, Scary - 5 Li and Spooky is 6 Li! I love the details and as you can see they look quite friendly. So head on down to Sway's Mainstore and find these and more!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

This Round of Uber

     I always have fun picking out shoes for my new outfits, but I went for a pair from Phedora which is at Uber now as was the rest of my outfit. I was thrilled to find these jeans with frayed details at the pockets and ankles from Spirit, notice how well they fit on my Slink Hourglass Body. While I was there I also picked up the top from Ison, and hair by Little Bones. The crowds are starting to thin down now so make your way there for some great finds for this Fall Season.

Ison:  Wrap off Shoulders - Navy Uber now!
Minimal: Ephixa Necklace - Gold 
Phoedora: Ruby Uber now!
RealEvil Industries: Dark Queen Bracelet - Gold
Spirit: Nins Jeans @ Uber now!

alaskametro: Zara - eyeshadow for Omega
alaskametro: Lipshine lipstick for Omega
La Boheme: Solids Chrome S4 Metals - nail polish
Omega System Solutions: Applier Relay

Ikon: Promise Eyes - Dew
Little Bones: Buffy - Red Uber now!
Logo Mesh Head - Annie
Slink: Hourglass Mesh Body, Deluxe Feet, and Casual Hands

Props & Poses:
Bazar: Glam Female Closet (parts tinted)
Garbaggio: Shoe Rack - Gacha
Leap of Faith: French Maid - pose 3
LumiPro: Lumipro 2016

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Fae Have Eyes...

Even the Fae have eyes...she can see far into your soul as she dances the day away! Feeling a little fanciful. You can find this skin from Lumae at the new round of We <3 RP.

Faeline: Wings - Hitomi - Violet
Finesmith: Dola Tiara - Gold
Kibitz : Mesh rings - Clemencia - black/copper
Meva: Gipsy Necklace - Silver 
Musa: EyeBall Necklace - Gold
The Muses: Gilded Net - Wine - Slink Hourglass
PetroFF: Perugia Bracelet - Pink
PromagicAnklet 3 - Copper

alaskametro: Cole lipstick
Izzie's: Glitter Eye Makeup - Copper
Izzie's: Metallic Arrow Tattoo - Pink/Purple
La Boheme: Solids Chrome S4 Metals - nail polish
Lumae: Eirtae - Aurae - Omega Skin Applier for body, hands, and feet We <3 RP Now!
Omega System Solutions: Applier Relay

Emo-tions: Zola w/beads - Blondes
Catwa: Mesh Head - Sarah
Poetic Colors: Mesh Eyes - Classic Gen 4 - Kyoto Wind 
Slink: Hourglass Mesh Body, Deluxe Feet, and Casual Hands

Props & Poses:
Bright Passions: Egyptian Vases (not in business)
Cole's Corner: Summer Solstice
E.V.E.: DYSTOPIA - Flowers in Purple & Copper, Koi Glitter Face Makeup - Gold
Harmoni: Desert Sand Bubble Skybox Dome (tinted)
Keke: Glitter Floor
LumiPro: Lumipro 2016

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Our Lady of the Stars

        One of my favorite things to do in Second Life is to make up different fantasy looks. I love how this turned out and hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I was about to find this skin from Lumae at the new round of We <3 RP.

The Annex: Avery Babydoll - Vintage Blue 
DeathRowDesigns: Dead Religion Headdress - Light
Meva: Gipsy Necklace - Silver 
PromagicAnklet 3 - Silver
RealEvil Industries: Surya Rings 
Salt & Pepper: Ice Princess - Headpiece, Earrings - Silver
Talevin's Designs: Staff of Stars
The Ugly and Beautiful Designs: Hagoromo II - Royal 

alaskametro: Zara - eyeshadow for Lelutka
alaskametro: Angel lipstick for Lelutka
Izzie's: Body Glitter - Silver
La Boheme: Solids Chrome S4 Metals - nail polish
Lumae: Eirtae - Aurae - Omega Skin Applier for body, hands, and feet We <3 RP Now!
Omega System Solutions: Applier Relay

Ikon: Immortal Eyes - Storm
Exile: Windsong - Grayscale (tinted)
Lelutka: Mesh Head - Stella
Slink: Hourglass Mesh Body, Deluxe Feet, and Casual Hands

Props & Poses:
LumiPro: Lumipro 2016
Cole's Corner: Eternal Stars, Moonlight Aura, Starlight Sprite, Summer Solstice