Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fancy Decor - Wired Console & Framed Blueprint for Seasons Story

     I decided to use Fancy Decor's Wired Console & Framed Blueprint picture for my Hallway. I thought the blueprint and the difference of the forest and nature where we get these items was a nice reminder of where the materials come from. I've always just wanted to use the umbrella light in my home. It's quirky and fun....and ties it in to shed some light on things while keeping this low prim.

Can be found at: Season Story - October round

Fancy Decor: Wire Console - stained (also comes in weathered and stained) 3 Li
Fancy Decor: Framed Blueprint - 1 Li

Half-Deer: Great Horned Owl - Fatpack
junk: Artificial gloom ceiling light
Lok's: Potted Tropical Plant - Grouping A
MadPea Productions: Bonsai Kasai (past Gacha item)

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