Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sway's Greta Potted Topiary

    Well I think this picture shows of Sway's *New Greta Potted Topiary great! Ok, I wasn't watching where I was going, and no potted plants were hurt in the making of this picture... or humans! I just think that you should look where you're going and not get side tracked by the pretty lights on the plants! Each set comes with four texture options. With bow or without and a tall or small option. The bows are tintable as well. She has a lighted version and a flowered version that comes in white, yellow, pink and blue.  Click to turn on or off.

Sway's: Greta potted topiary in flower & light

Truth: Nayeli Hair
Maitreya: Mesh Body - Lara 3.0
Lumae: Odetta Skin
Slink: Casual Hands
Hello Dave - For Slink AvEnhance Nails - High Gloss Autumnal 1
Cold Logic: Jumper Cohen Moss
Kunglers: Extra: Cleopatra - Golden Set
TFG: Exclusive Item -  Bangles GOLD *past gift
Chantakare: DREMAJ RING 2011 burnished gold w. green gem

Pose: double take : oxygen - all the things (in space and time)

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