Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sway's Filis Set at The Liaison Collaborative

     Hi there everyone! I am not sure if you're as tired of cold weather as I am but when I got a chance to check out Sway's Filis Set for The Liaison Collaborative, I was so happy! The Collaborative will start on April 15th. Look at these wonderful colors. These chairs come in six colors, and each chair has 12 single and seven couple poses. The paper ball lamps come in a trio; there are 3 of those. The lamps also come in 3 big and three smaller singles in colors to match the chair textures.

     In this picture, you see one of Sway's trio lamps and a spring bouquet of tulips. I chose the colorful set, but she has generously added yellow, pink, red and purple as well. The small nestled table was an added find in her lovely set. There was a magazine included which I did not use in this shot. My Gazebo Area is now ready for Spring!

First Picture:

Sway'[Filis - s] Lamp trio . cherry / mint*New @ The Liaison Collaborative on April 15th
Sway's - [Filis] Chair B . all colors *New @ The Liaison Collaborative on April 15th
Sway's -  [Souvenir Jar] beach / postcard - Past Arcade Gacha
[LeeZu!] - Cover Poster RARE - Past Arcade Gacha.
nordari. - my sad friend, the cloud.
*Lok's* - Herb Garden Stand with herbs
MadPea - Bonsai Tsume
[ARIA] - Diedra  deco old books
TA - PhotoStudio Magazines
{sa} Scarlet Apple My Chevron Scrunchy Rug Tan
{what next} - Nature Prints

Second Picture:

Sway's [Filis] Table *New @ The Liaison Collaborative on April 15th
Mutresse - Caring Gnome
Vespertine - fabric bird-songbird/almost canary - Past Arcade gacha
Vespertine - fabric bird-chickadee/pink - Past Arcade Gacha
+Half-Deer+ Swallows In Flight - Shadow Box
Sway's [Filis] Lamp trio . lilac / apple *New @ The Liaison Collaborative on April 15th
Sway's [Filis] Tulips . colorful *New @ The Liaison Collaborative on April 15th
The Domineaux Effect - Shabby Lime table - Past Arcade Gacha
MudHoney Frayed Spotted Rug
[ keke ] lemonade open - orange
erratic / 20. aea - plate of desserts
erratic / 17. aea - napkin with cutlery
8f8 - serene sanctuary - Grass Frame Square
Green Orchid GIFT - Nice little 1 Linden find on Marketplace
MudHoney Spring Gazebo

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