Thursday, November 10, 2016

Imagine Too! @ Lea 17 - The Monarchs

      I decided to go exploring today on the LEA Sims and ended up on Imagine Too. The dark orangish air gets to you as you land. I did opt to take some pictures like this one without the recommended windlight. If you see the pictures in an Orangish overcast that is the windlight, they chose for their story. You land on the sim, and you first spy a boat. You will be able to find all kind of pathways to choose from there.

     Now if you've not seen the dance troupe, The Monarch's you've been missing out. They are a very talented dance troupe in Second Life that has been nominated for the Avi Choice Awards in 2016, and they will be performing there as well. I, unfortunately, missed this performance but the Sim build is wonderful. I loved taking pictures all over the sim but especially all flora and fauna. You feel like it is a magical place and will get lost as you explore the Sim.

I did have the pleasure to see; The Monarch's perform at the 2016 Fantasy Faire called, "Adventures in the Lost Island." I have included a link so you can see how well the show is put together and just how fun it is to watch. I will add many more pictures on my Flickr site.

If you would like to keep informed of upcoming shows in Second Life for The Monarch's. Please click on this link Monarch's Kingdom Group .( secondlife:///app/group/78394fac-7aca-f36d-3e65-772df5692d01/about ) In case the link isn't working for you.

The rest of the pictures can be found on my Flick Album named, Imagine Too.

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