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Crystal Figurine

                                                 Fantasy Fair Blog

       I have been very impressed with the Creativity this year at the Fantasy Fair. Walking around on each sim will evoke different places that your imagination can go wild in. I hope you get the same child-like wonder I get each time I go and visit this wonderful place that is for such a good cause with Relay For Life.

* Purple background links are products I am blogging for Fantasy Fair 

Euphoric - Bombshell Lipgloss - Metallic - Genus Project
Euphoric - Viva Glam Eye Applier - Genus Project
kosmiiBio - Kintsugi Cracks - Omega
Lumae / Ritual - Niska - Varda - Hollow
Omega Solutions - Omega System Relay HUD - Maitreya
Stargazer Creations - Ederea - Materials Hud

Genus Project - Genus Project - Strong
Slink - Hourglass Mesh Body, Hands & Feet
Levee Ears - Matched Niska Varda Hollow ears

Clothes & Accessories:
Bliensen + MaiTai - Tonatiuh - Sun Crown - Gold / Silver - Now @ Mistakes Were Made
Cureless - Precious Gem - HG - Geode Lingerie Corset, Panty, Hand, Leg & Wings
Rise Design - Charente Necklace & Earrings
Voodoo - Sorceress Face Gems - Now @ Sirens Lore

Props & Poses & Scripts:
Ambix - .GG. Floating Island - Pool - Now @ Melusina's Depth
FaceDesk - Crystal Cluster = Now @ Elemaria
Fantasy China - Between the Stars - Animated Mesh Petals Circle Lights - Now @ Zodiac
XPOSure - Fantasio Poses - Now @ Heliodor


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* Purple background links are products I am blogging for Fantasy Fair 

Appliers: Birth - Jenny - 02- Genus Project Euphoric - Giselle Eye Applier - Genus Project
Omega Solutions - Omega System Relay HUD - Maitreya
Pink Fuel - Retrowave Eyeshadow - Genus Project
Pink Fuel - Silky Shine Lipstick - Nudes & Neutrals - Genus Project S.M.A.C - Temptress Hairbase - Parted - Tinted

Body: Genus Project - Genus Project - Strong Maitreya - Maitreya Mesh Body, Hands & Feet
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