Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016 Quest Champion Emissaries

 Here you will find the two latest Fantasy Faire Quest Winners! If you have not had the chance to do the latest Quest for FF 2016 called,"The Fairelands Quest - "The Tale of Exiles." You are definitely in for a fun night. It starts out like this...

The blessed realm of Belfience was once an idyllic home to a multitude of peoples: Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Mer, and Dragons. All shared the beauty and bounty of the land, prospering together in peace and harmony.

But the Unweaver saw their joy, and hated it, and set about to destroy it utterly. (and yes he did so) 

     Your job will be an Emissary for the Bard Queen to help heal the wounds of the land, people, and fae creatures but in doing so, it also helps you to explore the fantastic Fantasy Faire 2016 builds of course!

1. Buy a Quest HUD -  which you can find at each landing point on every FF 2016 sim. One is 250L, and another is 350L. The only difference is the more expensive one gives you clothes so you can blend in more and be immersive. Here is a teleport to The Golden Delta sim.

2. Wear Items & Explore Game HUD - Wear (add) Hud and unpack it. You will need to wear only three things for the quest. The "attach me & attach me 2" item and the Game HUD. EXPLORE the hud! You can teleport, your quest is saved in middle part so it can be started and stopped at any time, so no having to remember where you were to proceed. The inventory stores all your items you've retrieved for the quest. (I made a folder within my Quest HUD folder to store Quest items)

3. Find the Bard Queen at the Fairelands Junction Once there click on her and it will bring up a dialogue. Answer it and a video will pop up, mine popped up but was black initially until I clicked the screen. 

4. HELP -  I found looking at the Fairelands Quest Hints & Tips page - The Tale of the Exiles a good source as well as, Prim Dolls, Quest Guide Helper.


  1) Once you touch your NPC - wait - things can be laggy. Especially if more than one person is there with you. It never hurts to click on them again if it doesn't work initially but the next time I suggest you right click and pick touch on the circle menu after 10 seconds on the second time. You can always double check by looking at your HUD to see where you are at with talking to the NPC.

2) On some parts of the Quest, you will need multiple items you've found. You won't lose them accidentally clicking on them. It will tell you once you are using them if you have any of it left to use. Have your local Chat window up while doing the Quest. The NPC Chat was hard to see color wise, so I hit Control + P and then Colors tab to select Object Im's color block - changed to an easier color then hit apply ok. Much easier after that!

3) When you are at the end of the Quest and have helped the Bard Queen, you will be pointed toward the rewards. Don't forget to click the locked chest for all your goods. Be forewarned you will be spammed with tons of items! 


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