Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sway's Rosalie - Romantic Bed Set @ Uber this Round

     If you've not been to Uber, this round you will have missed out on Sway's bed set called, Rosalie. There are two different versions; one is PG, and another is Adult. This bed has a metal frame bed with 20 single  / friends animations for up to two avatars and ten adult animations in the adult version. You will find ten more adult animations added in that version. There are eight texture options for the blanket and pillows, and three metal options of gold, silver and copper. The set comes with a bed, nightstand, lamp, book with glasses, potted cactus and different picture frame options.

Sway's: Rosalie Bed . romantic / copper
Sway's: Rosalie Book with glasses
Sway's: Rosalie Lamp - romantic
Sway's: Rosalie Picture frame for your Photo - copper
Sway's: Rosalie Pot with cactus

A.D.D.Andel: I need a home -  Goldie in a Fish Bowl-Table Top
Jian - Saxton Dresser
LAQ Decor: Curtains Set4
Pixel Mode: Victoria's Bath  - Jewelry Tray 4
Schadenfreude: Celestial Wand Display Box
Schadenfreude: Field Guide to Magical Creatures
Schadenfreude: Green Mermaid Lamp
Schadenfreude Unicorn in the Forest of Leaves
Silence: Golden Leaf Wall Clock
The Rug Shop: contemporary teal Rug (G)
Tres blah: Hodgepodge - Tossed Clothes
Thistle Holmes: Chest Light Wood
Vespertine: bed clutter 7
World of Woods: Love Nest Picture

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