Friday, July 31, 2015

Bryn Oh " Obedience - The Binding of Isaac

"Obedience" - The binding of Isaac.
Artwork by:
Bryn Oh, Jo Ellsmere, Peter Greenaway and Saskia Boddeke.
Bryn Oh "Obedience" - The binding of Isaac

  When you land, take the time to read the notecard images about the lighting settings that you will need for this installation. You will need to have your sounds on. A headset may be best for this as you will need to be able to hear the words, sometimes the music drowns them out.  Just be sure to follow the lights and stand still to absorb things and let everything play out. You might have to wait for the sound to loop once to be able to hear it clearly. Sometimes there are also interactive players within the installation that have parts as well so you will want to take the time to let them do so.

You will be able to find the rest of the pictures I took on my flickr site:
Bryn Oh Artwork - "Obedience" - The binding of Isaac

You might like to explore her Blog: Bryn Oh
Youtube video about installation: Obedience

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