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Animal Guidance - Fantasy Faire 2021

       This beautiful gown can be found at Paint the Sky with Stars @ the Fantasy Faire on  Tempest Bay . What a wonderful name for a store! As you can see, it looks amazing on, it comes in 10 colors. The main part and the underskirt can be changed. You can also turn the leaf or chain off if you prefer it less ornate.  I took this picture @ the Fantasy Faire on  Valhalla   ACCESSORIES: Ascendant: Mesh Nails Promise - Legacy Enora: blind white Enora: branch monso: Ana Hair monso: Daisy Accessories Paint the Sky with Stars: Elfen Song Mesh Gown - Maitreya @ the Fantasy Faire on   Tempest Bay    Promagic: Mai Earrings APPLIERS: Lelutka: EvoX - Hairbase.014 Glam Affair: Charlotte Layer - Lelutka EvoX - Honey  BODY: Legacy:  Mesh Body Lelutka: EvoX -  Avalon 3.0 POSES & PROPS & WINDLIGHTS: Manticore: Grey Wolf, Black Cat, Cub - Not in business anymore.
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Grasping the sword of Paragon - Fantasy Faire 2021

        She flew high into the night sky to grasp the Sword of Paragon and fight her way to victory for all Mankind. This outfit can be found at  Fantasy Faire 2021  at Aii & Ego @ Faire on  Valhalla  now. ACCESSORIES: Aii:  Bellatrix Full Outfit - Legacy  @ Faire on  Valhalla  now. Aii & Ego: Nefarious Wings - Bento  @ Faire on  Valhalla  now. Aii & Ego: Rose Thorn Tail - Bento   @ Faire on  Valhalla  now. Euphoric: Katya Eyes - Lelutka LF: Zara - Lelutka EvoX Elf  Puki: My Long Round Nails - Legacy  Sintiklia - Hair Faithe  Ysoral: Luxe Rings Melody - Legacy APPLIERS: Glam Affair - Charolette skin - Legacy -  Honey  IDDTY Faces - Poison Apple - Lelutka  BODY: Legacy: Mesh Body - Classic Lelutka: Evo X Avalon Mesh Head POSES & PROPS & WINDLIGHTS: Cole's Corner - Celestial Smoke Aura Cole's Corner: Sky Lights Dark Night windlight environment Eagle Designs: Sword of Paragon LuluB: Sherazade - Left Hand. LuluB!: Sherazade - Right Hand. MP: Pirate Pose 5

Elven Bird Caller

  She plays her flute to all around and summons the birds who land upon her softly, listening to her playful songs that fill the floral air as the statue looks on and shares the lovely offering. This beautiful flute is called, The Elven Jewel, and you have a choice of playing 12 different flute songs. It is the Ultra Rare Gacha. The lovely outfit you see on me comes in 8 colors and each individual section can be changed.  (corset, laces, and panties) I hope to see you at Fantasy Faire 2021  Fairelands Junction 2021   Accessories: 1313 Mockingbird Lane: Jasnah Dress - Legacy @ Faire store on  Ostara 1313 Mockingbird Lane:  Jasnah Panties - Legacy Analog Dog - Roses E Analog Dog - Yoli - Variety @ Faire store on  The Wandering Woods Ascendant - Thicc Nails Fatpack - Legacy Harshlands: Elven Flute - The Elven Jewel (ultra-rare gacha) @ Faire store on  Isles of Tarrin Roped Passions: Delphine Fairy Arm Vines Purple -  Maitreya Roped Passions: Delphine Fairy Leg Vines Purple - Maitreya Saw-

The Darkening Spell

  She looked about her Domain and decided to make things dark  to remind them just how much the Light means to us all ... ACCESSORIES: [AERTH]: Dehumanize horns Lilac - Now @  Somniatoris Arx Caverna Obscura: Lydia Camisk *NIGHT* - Maitreya  DOUX: Martina Hair [SP]: Ascendant Wings Demonic v5 S Wannabe: Demon Boots  APPLIERS: Lifestyle Tattoos: Catwa BoM Golden Lipstick - Metallic Colours  Tefnutta: Skin Violet - Maitreya THIS IS WRONG: Roar tattoo BoM BODY Letlutka: Evo X Ceylon Mesh Head LOTUS. Extacy Eyes 13 (BOM) Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.3 POSES  [HD] bento Facial expression HUD  Sheer Surreality Windlight //elephante poses// I Put a Spell On You #1 E.V.E soft face light in Peach 

On a Lark Jewelry @ Fantasy Faire 2021

                This lovely delicate jewelry is from, On a Lark which is at Fantasy Faire 2021  I am wearing *OAL* Anemone Crown and Anemone Collar. The collar comes in scripted and unscripted for your needs. You can find them at Fantasy Faire in, On A Lark store on  Valhalla  sim. You can find many more wonderful things at  Fairelands Junction Accessories: On a Lark: Anemone Crown and Collar Doux: Jane Mesh Hair - red Appliers: Iddyty Faces: Lelutka Spring Break Collection  POUT!: OH MY LASH! - Lelutka Evo Eyelash Applier IVES:  LeLU Evo - Peony Lipgloss - HD Appliers HUD #PACK1 Stickers:  Rose Garden - Atomic BOM Tattoo Classic Faded Unholy: Mole right side Body: Legacy: Mesh Body Lelutka: Avalon Mesh Head

A shy first Date - Fantasy Faire 2021

                                           A shy first date... BODY:  Amara Beauty: Luster Eyes Legacy Mesh body for Female Lelutka: Avalon 3.0 Mesh Head APPLIERS: Ascendant - Bella Nails - Legacy Glam Affair: Charlotte - Honey for Lelutka EvoX  LeLutka: EvoX.Hairbase.062 Sassyphur's: Lel Evo X ChiQ Eyeshadow 10 ACCESORIES: ::AMBIX:: Starlight Wings Belle Epoque - Raja - RFL (Legacy) Faire store in  Isles of Tarrin ~LF~: Zara for Lelutka EvoX Elf Ears !!Firelight!!: FH RIgged Mesh Hair - Princess Fae - Gradient Faire store in  The Amethyst Rift On A Lark: *OAL* Anemone Collar 8.05 & Anemone Crown Faire store in  Valhalla Tentacio: i miss you bouquet PROPS & POSES: [fn] A Fantastical Notion: Sparks of  Life Faire Store in Ostara Enchanted Fantasy: Wonderland Time for Tea ~ Flower Cup & Rabbit Faire Store in  Jadoube Jinx: Centaur NPC - Woowoo FF2021 Faire Store in  The Amethyst Rift Love: Bella Flower Patch - Purple  Opulent Poses: Winter Bride 3 Skye: Forest Clearing S

Crystal Figurine

                                                  Fantasy Fair Blog        I have been very impressed with the Creativity this year at the Fantasy Fair. Walking around on each sim will evoke different places that your imagination can go wild in. I hope you get the same child-like wonder I get each time I go and visit this wonderful place that is for such a good cause with Relay For Life. * Purple background links are products I am blogging for Fantasy Fair  Appliers: Euphoric - Bombshell Lipgloss - Metallic - Genus Project Euphoric - Viva Glam Eye Applier - Genus Project kosmiiBio - Kintsugi Cracks - Omega Lumae / Ritual - Niska - Varda - Hollow Omega Solutions - Omega System Relay HUD - Maitreya Stargazer Creations - Ederea - Materials Hud Body: Genus Project  - Genus Project - Strong Slink - Hourglass Mesh Body, Hands & Feet Levee Ears  - Matched Niska Varda Hollow ears Clothes & Accessories: Bliensen + MaiTai - Tonatiuh - Sun Cr